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Chapter 21 and Q & A... - Whispers of the Muse

Sep. 11th, 2006 03:32 pm Chapter 21 and Q & A...

It looks like I'm going to be in for a busy week, and you can all imagine how thrilled I am about that. In any case, one of my classes was just canceled, so I'm taking advantage of the downtime to make a quick entry.

As far as chapter 21 of TRD (as yet untitled), I'm 620 words into it and moving along as smoothly as circumstances allow. An update is expected weekend after this, workload permitting.

Oh, and one more quick note: a number of reviewers have been asking me whether/when Cole is going to develop an active/offensive power. I've worked this out in my timeline--finally!--and it's slated to occur within the "Oh My Goddess" rework.

Another (though less) common question: will Chris feature in TRD? Yes--as excluding him would A) incense a number of readers and B) necessitate rebuilding more or less the entirety of the S6 conflict arc from scratch, he'll be showing up on schedule in "Oh My Goddess."

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