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Chapter 20 Posted; New Update Schedule... - Whispers of the Muse

Sep. 7th, 2006 01:02 am Chapter 20 Posted; New Update Schedule...

Okay, so Monday turned into Thursday--you all know the drill by now--but chapter 20 ("Making Connections") is finally up! Bit of a cliffhanger on this one, I'm afraid, but I'll try not to keep you waiting as long for the next chapter as I did for this one (and I mean that, because I'm really looking forward to writing it)! It should cover the exact nature of Phoebe and Cole's link, and exactly what it does for each of them in some detail.

Right. Anyway, as I said on FF.N (for those who don't read the Author's Notes), updates are expected bimonthly now, not weekly. It's more than I can do to produce a chapter every week with my schedule and scholastic responsibilities being what they currently are, and it's not fair to any of you to raise expectations that I can and fail to deliver on them.

That said, it's after one in the morning, and I still have an assignment to finish and a few hours of sleep to squeeze in before my 9:25 class.

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