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Scholastic Time Constraints and Chapter 20... - Whispers of the Muse

Aug. 31st, 2006 11:59 pm Scholastic Time Constraints and Chapter 20...

One week of school down (I'm fortunate enough to have Fridays off this semester, though not necessarily for recreational purposes, the way things are shaping up), and it's already clear that my work is going to be more time-consuming than I'd originally thought.

How time-consuming, you ask? Enough that today's is the first writing session I've had time for this all this week--and the writing I did today, I did on sheer willpower. I want very much to complete chapter 20 this weekend, and if my time is going to be so limited, the only recourse is to make productive use of what little time I have.

As far as my progress: the Crone's replacement accomplice has been written out--she has enough personality to stand alone, and really does work better that way (good help is so hard to find in the Underworld these days). I've completed the 'confrontation' stage of the scene, and am moving into its aftermath. From there...well, you'll see.

Bottom line? Probability of a Sunday (or possibly Monday) update is looking fairly high.

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