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Chapter 19 in Progress, a Prologue and Some Reworking... - Whispers of the Muse

Aug. 18th, 2006 01:19 am Chapter 19 in Progress, a Prologue and Some Reworking...

Home again as of Tuesday and now 1971 words into chapter 19 (now definitively titled "Struck Senseless"). I've also written a prologue to TRD as a whole (in Light Magic's PoV, just for a change/stylistic experiment), which I plan to stick onto the chapter 1 file when I update with chapter 19. I'm thinking of replacing all the existing chapters with more polished versions, and may do that as well.

The chapter is coming along nicely--it's clearly outlined, but not in so much detail as to prove constricting to any changes the plot should feel it requires, and is following a steady course. I'm having a lot of fun with this rework--"Sense and Sense Ability" was one of the few S5 episodes I actually enjoyed--and look forward to posting it.

On that note, I should be able to update late this weekend--sorry for the delay, but Real Life (work especially) has been more than a little hectic. On the bright side, I have one more week off than I thought I did, so there might be time to get chapter twenty up before school starts, all conditions being ideal. (And yes, I know they seldom are...but a girl can hope, can't she?)

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