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"Charmed and Dangerous", With Feeling... - Whispers of the Muse

May. 17th, 2007 09:39 pm "Charmed and Dangerous", With Feeling...

Not a TRD update, unfortunately--give me another week or two on that--but I swear I'm working on it (even when I shouldn't necessarily be). In any case, I thought I'd post some of my Charmed miscellanea here--this time, a whimsical little filk I wrote awhile back (and the four-part harmonies were an absolute pain, by the way), portraying the preparations for battle against the Source, as seen in "Charmed and Dangerous." As the subject heading suggests, the original tune came from the BtVS musical, "Once More, With Feeling."

And just because I've had an absolutely hellish week (three all-nighters, three lengthy essays and a final), I'm really, really hoping to be cheered up with some feedback on this!

Stand in Combat
(To the tune of “Walk Through Fire” from BtVS: “Once More, with Feeling.”)
Scene: The family’s thoughts during preparation to confront the Source in “Charmed and Dangerous.”

We’re closing in on our destiny:
Avenge our sister, beat the Source.
Just one thing wrong:
Sans powers, we aren’t strong,
And he’s got deadly force.

I see my husband fading fast,
And I am filled with fear and doubt.
But I concede,
My sisters need my lead
And I cannot bow out.

For we must all stand in combat
If we hope to survive.
We must all stand in combat
To stay a—

I hate so much to stand aside
When I know battle’s underway.
The Seer’s deal
The Source’s doom might seal
And let them win the day.

If it’ll shield them all from harm
Then I will bear the price incurred.
Morals can bend; prevent the End
Keep them a—

How I fear that premonition:
Evil’s hand brings love’s ignition
If it’s fate, I cannot stay that hand.
Do not let that damn list name him,
Please don’t let Death come to claim him;
Losing him’s more pain than I could stand.

Finish this case,
So that my charge will find her place
Then prepare to stand in combat…

I know her deal is Faustian,
But what else can I really do?/Can’t stay that hand
The Hollow’s free
Apocalypse-to-be/Loss I cannot stand
Unless I see this through.

Situation’s growing graver/Under fire, I must now stand;

I’d do anything to save her.

Now I’ve got to keep it together/This is what I’ve been training for:/(Have to trust our power)
Even though with fear I’m shaking/Each potion, spell/(Trust in our power)
Death will not my heart be breaking/Against beings sent from hell,
This storm, I will weather it somehow/And this is just one more.

I’ll play my part
Just risk my soul to save my heart…/So we can

Soon we’ll be standing in combat/Succeed—
To beat the Source we’ll strive;
And oh, we pray to get through that,
And stay alive,
Stay alive…
Stay alive…
Stay alive!

NB: For those of you unfamiliar wth the original tune, you can watch/listen to it on YouTube at this URL:

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Date:May 21st, 2007 01:13 am (UTC)
that was really cool!!! i know how hard it is to write song lyrics and yours are actually really good!!! and you certainly picked the right tune!!! anyway i know you said you'd be another week or so on TRD but i'm really dying to know what happens!!!